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Simplicity is the key driver when it comes to motion blinds, and Eve MotionBlinds perfectly exemplify this value.
Eve MotionBlinds don’t need a proprietary bridge and support both Bluetooth and Thread, meaning setup is super easy.

Putting the blinds on autopilot is effortless, thanks to on-device, network-independent schedules that can be created in the Eve app. And through HomeKit Scenes and Rules, the blinds seamlessly and securely interact with other HomeKit accessories, like light bulbs, thermostats, motion detectors and other sensor-based accessories.

Eve MotionBlinds are designed to safeguard user privacy. Instead of relying on a cloud, like most applications, all data and intelligence are stored locally on the motor.

Please Contact Us to see Eve MotionBlinds in action.


Eve MotionBlinds are smart window coverings by Coulisse, designed and developed in collaboration with Eve Systems with the aim of creating smart home technologies for the future.

Incorporating Eve MotionBlinds will help to ensure your space is smarter, healthier, and more sustainable, making it a must for smart home users around the world.

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Eve MotionBlinds are an energy efficient option for your space. Simply set your Apple HomeKit to be controlled via thermostats or time to ensure your home is at a comfortable temperature, with enhanced ambience and security all year round.

By taking the advantage of your surrounding climate, you can insulate heat during the cooler months, whilst also keeping the warmth out during the summer. The insulating properties featured in window covering fabrics enable you to reduce energy costs and conserve power, creating a healthier, smarter environment.

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Eve MotionBlinds smart technology ensures your home is a comfortable and welcoming place for your family. Operating Thread protocols allow for cable-free installation making it a safer, stress-free space for little ones and pets.

The movement of Eve MotionBlinds smart window coverings can be remotely controlled even when you are not home, minimising the risk the of break-ins via linking to your smart homes’ ecosystem including locks, doorbells, and cameras.

Safeguarding user privacy is a priority for Eve MotionBlinds, therefore, all data and intelligence is stored locally on the motor rather than relying on a cloud.

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Eve MotionBlinds strive to make smart window coverings accessible to everyone and bring its unexpected convenience to the everyday lives of people around the world. Connect Eve MotionBlinds to the Apple HomeKit app on your smart devices to utilise the complete range of features.

As a part of your smart home ecosystem, your Eve MotionBlinds work seamlessly alongside you and your family’s daily routine. Your window coverings can connect with other smart devices in your space, ensuring you always have the perfect ambience, lighting, and temperature within your space, with the touch of a button.

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Control your window coverings from your smart device using the easy-to-access Apple HomeKit, or through Thread protocols to connect to smart home devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and many more.

Allowing you to schedule timers and set desired temperatures with the touch of a button. Ensuring an easy, stress-free experience without leaving your seat.

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Please submit an enquire and we will be happy to attend your space to provide an in-home consultation.


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